The Ada congregation was officially organized and established in June of 1939, under the preaching of Homer L. King. According to a field report by brother King in the Old Paths Advocate, the church grew to a membership of over fifty by December of 1939. Since that time the average membership has more than doubled, and on occasion, almost tripled.

Some of the earliest leaders of the newly organized congregation were A.A. Patterson, Jess Fulton, J.L. Simms, Hi Hamilton, and Earl Johnson.

October 1, 1944, evangelist Clarence Kessinger moved to Ada from Lebanon, Missouri, and began working with the congregation. His brother Ray Kessinger moved to Ada from West Virginia a few years later and they both did a lot of mission work throughout the state.

In 1959, evangelist Johnny Elmore and family moved to Ada and began a work that lasted seven or eight years. The church flourished under Johnny’s leadership. Not only was Johnny’s preaching excellent, but his knowledge and skill in teaching the rudiments of music were valuable. The quality of the congregation’s singing improved. Johnny was also very influential in Joe Hisle and Carl Johnson’s decisions to become evangelists. Joe was ordained by the church in 1965, and Carl was ordained in 1970. Both Joe and Carl continue to make Ada their home.

Through the years, the Ada church ordained as evangelists not only Joe and Carl, but also Don Jackson, Doug Hawkins, Kevin Presley, and Anthony Brockett. Don Pruitt also lived in Ada for several years and worked with and was supported by the church. The church continues to support the preaching of the gospel throughout the world.

The original church building was located at 220 W. 6th Street. In 1958, the church built a new building on the corner of 8th Street and Oak Avenue. In 2005, the church built a beautiful new building at its present location at 14625 County Road 1560.